A Century of History

A Century of History …

Located at Kermel Place, in the center of what was the heart of Dakar city
more than one hundred years and which, after a forty years eclipse, has became one of the most dynamic district, the Residence “Les Arcades” , previous Metropole hotel, is at some one hundred meters and a the junction of the BCEAO, the Embassy of France and the hotels IBIS and NOVOTEL.

The Independence square, where are the majority of banks (SGBS, BICIS, CBAO) is less than 10 minutes walk ; less than 3 minutes by car, you reach the highway or the landing stage to Goree Island.

The land on which was built the Hotel Metropole was enrolled to the Real Estate Register of Dakar Commons on 04 August 1908 under the number 136 by the married couple, Mr. Marion Charles Lucien, born at Bessieres in France, and Mrs. Biot Marie Berthe, born at Bayonne (unknown birth date).
The hotel has been opened in 1914.

Mr. and Mrs. Marion raised on 09 January 1914 a loan of 100 000 francs (one hundred thousand francs) with Mr. Gabriel Tuz, to be reimbursed in a period of 5 years, which allowed them to start exploiting the hotel.
They obtained the removal of the mortgage on date, the 19 January 1019.

They transferred, on 1st December 1924, to their daughter Marie Louise Marion and her husband, Mr. Joseph Dubernet, born on 11 December 1885, the full property of the hotel Metropole against a yearly life annuity amounting 84.000 francs which ended the 3rd April 1929, after the death of the father, Mr. Marion, occurred some months after his wife’s.

The couple Dubernet became full owner and, on 08 October 1932, they subscribed a mortgage loan of 250.000 francs on the building, which will be removed after payment, on 27 November 1935.

The couple Dubernet will keep subscribing loans during more than 24 years which last one will end on 19 May 1956. These successive loans served to reimburse the previous and to maintain the activities of their enterprise

The place on the Boulevard Pinet Laprade (named after Bd Djily Mbaye) opposite the hotel had become a meeting place for the French and European community, where outdoor dances were organized from Saturday evening which often continued Sunday afternoons.

Sensing that manners were changing, the Dubernet couple created in the basement of the hotel Metropole a nightclub called “La Taverne du Port” became one of the first places of entertainment for the Dakar people of the time .

In 1956, the Dubernet transformed the hotel Métropole into a Company.
This transfer of full ownership at a price of 16 million CFA francs, of which 10 million in cash and the balance of 6 million, spread over a period of 3 years was secured by a mortgage (one more) that Mr. Fleets has established in favor of Dubernet girls.

The State of Senegal seized the hotel Metropole in 1956 for non-payment by the manager of various taxes not paid by the latter who is quick to regularize the situation with the Senegalese tax authorities.
A new company called “Les Acacias” formed of 3 partners: including 1 Norwegian, 1 Italian and 1 Senegalese, failed in the project to relaunch the activities of the hotel under the name “Les Acacias”.

After many vicissitudes and legal and financial imbroglio, the Metropole was under sale by auction, these last owners being not able to find the necessary fund for the realization of their project “Les Acacias”.

The 3 AYAD brothers, Lebanese origin, whose parents have immigrated to Senegal around 1924, decided to perform in hostelry and , in order to thwart the covetous desire of some eventual buyers during the auction at the Court, they
created a Corporate with Senegalese consonance composed with the 3 first letters of their first names (Farouk, Ali, Youssef), called the SCI F.A.Y. These
letters have the same consonance (sound) than a Senegalese family name (FAYE).

The hotel Metropole will be attributed to them during the sale by auction, in 1993. They changed the name and created “Les Arcades”, reminding the metallic structure of the existing façade since the construction of the hotel in 1914.

The original exterior architecture, colonial style, has been maintained but the
interior has been transformed et modernized.

AYAD Brothers have invested 1.700.000.000francs cfa from their own resources, equivalent to around 2.600.000 Euros.

In order to always stay in the tradition which prevailed since the creation of the Metropole, the Society raised a loan of 300 million, in principal and interests,
(equivalent to 460 000 Euros approx), which allowed the transformation of the hotel into furnished residence, in 1999, being the first one created in Senegal.

On 1st January 2008, the furnished “Residence Les Arcades”, previous Hotel Metropole, can be proud of following results:

– All mortgages and loans have been settled,
– The rate of occupation of the “Residence Les Arcades”, since its creation, has
the best performance : between 75 and 80 % for an average of 54 % in
– It also gets the highest employment proportion, compared with its structure
and its revenue.

One room maid is assigned for three (3) one room flat or apartment, while the legal Union recommends one person for 12-15 rooms, explaining its reputation in Senegal in terms of cleanness and hygiene

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  • Extra Bed
  • 15,000 FTTC / day (23€).
  • Tourist tax
  • 1,000 FCFA (€ 1.50) per day and per person

Good to Know

The 10% VAT is deductible for certain international organizations and embassies on presentation of an exemption document signed by the tax services either at the time of departure and even up to 3 months after their end of stay, but always on presentation of this title.


Les Arcades residence has a 24-hour security service provided by a security company. Our trained receptionists also ensure your safety and offer you the best welcome.

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